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How to use livetagging for Handball

Updated on 16 Apr 2024


Welcome to the step-by-step guide on how to use the Livetagging panel for handball. This user-friendly tool allows you to generate statistics and synchronize them with video footage to create comprehensive video material for your players, as well as valuable insights for coaches.

Livetagging handball

Getting started

In the above image you can see the Livetagging panel voor handball.

How to tag a match?

  1. If you want the shots to have a keeper fill in the keepers
  2. Make sure your position is at the long side of the pitch
  3. Make sure the pitch orientation is in the right direction 
  4. When the referee starts the match click "Start 1st period"
  5. If there is a shot on the goal tag the position in the panel from where the shot was
  6. In the shot modal (see image below) you can now start to quickly fill in the field
  7. Where was the shot on the goal (if you cannot keep up with the match, skip this one)
  8. What player made the shot
  9. What was the result
  10. There is probably a turnover now, proceed with 5
  11. Continue till end first period (click this)
  12. Start 2nd period and do same as above

For the result you can also use the 'Keeper + rebound" and "Miss + rebound" buttons:  do this when the ball is still in Possession off the attacking team.

All the other result buttons result in a turnover.


Livetagging handball insert a shot


The results of this Livetagging shows you statistics of the teams but also statistics of the individual players (if you have tagged them).

Shot statistics from livetagging

Clicking on the names (which have been made invisible here) will result in only the shots for that player.

After the match has been uploaded you can synchronise the Tags with the video. If you do that all numbers in the above Dashboard will then be clickable and corresponding video's can be seen.

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