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Our products

TeamTV offers a range of innovative products designed to help your sports team achieve.

Desktop, tablet, laptop presentation of TeamTV

Capture & stream

Efficiently capture every match and training with our automatic camera system. No hassle, just quality footage for analysis and highlights, ready to share with fans and on social media. Elevate your club's presence effortlessly with the TeamTV Automatic Camera solutions.

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Upload & exchange

Improve the way your sports league collaborates with Video Exchange, designed to make sharing match videos and critical statistics straightforward and efficient. Upload, share, watch. 

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Analyze & improve

Use statistics, dashboards and chat with your team members to analyze tagged videos. Discover patterns, extreme cases and trends in your data.
Based on these insights, come up with courses of action for your players and team.

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Create & earn

Transform your game moments into stunning highlight reels in just minutes, no technical skills required. Ideal for engaging a broader fan base and unlocking new revenue streams. Discover the simple yet powerful way to amplify and monetize your sports content with TeamTV.

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Analyze, Adapt, Achieve.

Transforming play into progress, performance into profit.

Record all matches automatically.

Video for all teams. At last.