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TeamTV for Field hockey

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Live tagging for hockey

This video demonstrates the match between Oranje-Rood W1 and Tilburg W1. We'll showcase the basics of what to tag and when, and sometimes add an explanation. After the match, once the video is uploaded to TeamTV, you can connect these tags to the video. This also populates a dashboard with statistics, allowing you to view all the stats with the video.


Remote video URL
Remote video URL

Automatic camera for hockey

  • Easy access to game footage Players and coaches have easy access to recorded footage for  analysis, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently on improving skills and tactics.
  • High-quality image quality The 4K video resolution and the ability to zoom in provide clear and detailed images, making even the smallest details visible. This is essential for thorough game analysis.
  • Multiple camera angles With the ability to record from various angles, teams get a more complete view of the game, leading to better insights and analysis.