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Video exchange for Field-hockey

Improve the way your sports league collaborates with Video Exchange, designed to make sharing match videos and critical statistics straightforward and efficient.

Sharing is learning

TeamTV's Video Exchange is a revolutionary platform designed specifically for sports leagues, offering video analysis and automatic camera solutions. 

Our platform enables seamless sharing of videos and basic stats between all the teams in your league, ensuring that only the home teams need to capture video and create data. This not only saves considerable time for all parties involved but also enhances the collaborative spirit of the league.

Benefits of Video exchange for Field-hockey

  • Time savingNo need for every team to set up and manage their own video capture and data creation; home teams take care of this, and the content is shared across the league.
  • Extensive rights controlMaintain control over who has access to your content, ensuring that your videos and data are used appropriately.
  • Enhanced collaborationPromotes a sense of unity and cooperation within the league, as teams share resources and insights.

Product features

Ad-free video downloads
Full match replay
League video exchange
National coaches video sharing
Referee training videos
Third-party XML data integration

Why choose Video exchange for Field-hockey of TeamTV

  • 10+ years of experience

    With 10+ years of experience in the sports technology field, TeamTV is a trusted and knowledgeable leader.

  • Comprehensive Support

    TeamTV provides extensive customer support, assisting users from installation to ongoing use, ensuring they get the most out of our platform.

  • Proven track record

    A history of successful 300+ implementations with sports teams across various levels, showcasing our expertise in the field.

  • User-Friendly Workflow

    Simplified processes for requesting league access, uploading matches, and viewing league content, designed to make the experience seamless for users of all technical backgrounds.

  • Free access for clubs

    Video Exchange is available at no cost for clubs, providing an unparalleled opportunity to enhance team performance and collaboration without the financial burden.

What others say about Video exchange for Field-hockey

Remco Winter

We use TeamTV to improve our referee team and educational courses. The referees are already getting pro-active now, sending us clips for us to review. Support is great.

Exchange explainer

More about the product

Our video exchange product makes it easy to share videos and statistics between teams in a league. Upload or stream your own match, and in return you get access rights to all videos and statistics from other teams. It works like this:

  • Live-tag your home match during the match
  • Upload or stream your home match within 24 hours after the match
  • View all other matches and statistics in the league

Video exchange

Only home-teams have to capture video and create data, and all is shared with other league teams and the league/rights owner. To be used for analysis and marketing purposes.

  • Saves time
  • Exensive rights control
  • User friendly
Exchange ui

Use Video exchange for Field-hockey with


For teams that want to start watching matches to improve performance.

no billing info required

  • Unlimited users
  • Watch full videos


For clubs that want to analyze and discuss clips and statistics.


  • Unlimited users and teams
  • Watch 50 most recent matches
  • (Live)-tagging and match statistics dashboard
  • Unlimited custom tags, playlists and chat


For clubs that want to improve performance of teams and share with fans.


  • Watch 150 most recent matches
  • HD video quality
  • Data studio for advanced analysis
  • Create highlights videos


For clubs that want all matches to be recorded automatically.


  • Watch 200 most recent matches
  • 4K video quality
  • Multiple video angles per match possible
  • Automatic recordings

Camera Basic

Camera Basic



  • All Basic features
  • HD video quality
  • Digital zoom

Camera Pro

Camera Pro



  • All Pro features
  • 4K video quality
  • Multi-cam view

Camera Elite

Camera Elite



  • All Pro features
  • 4K video quality
  • 100 additional matches