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Watching my training or match video live

Updated on 18 Dec 2023


The TeamTV local live-stream feature allows for (near) real-time viewing of sports events using our automated camera systems. This functionality is critical for in-depth game analysis and instant replay during training sessions or matches when you are on location.

It is also possible to watch the video with a 30 (adjustable) delay.


  • A scheduled live recording. (Server must be recording video of a training or match)
  • TeamTV Automatic Camera System: Must be installed and operational.
  • Network Access: Access to the club's internal network is needed. From this network, the local web interface for watching the video, can be reached.
  • URL for Network Bridging: A specific URL is provided to facilitate access from the public to the private network.  Example: http://192.168.18§.5:8081/
  • Credentials: Credentials for access to the local interface are provided upon request. So a login & password.
  • A laptop or tablet to see the footage.
  • A beamer, big TV or other hardware to see the video on a big screen if needed.

We will provide every club, who wants to see local Livestream footage, with a unique URL, login & password.

Getting started:

Connect your device to the club's internet (to which the TeamTV router is also connected.
Open your web Browser and enter the provided URL to navigate to the TeamTV network.
The web interface will present a list of matches, training sessions, and camera angles. Select the desired match or training and angle to view.
Note that in this interface you are limited to a 7 days history.
The player can be used to navigate to the right moment you want to rewatch. 
The live-stream will have a short delay due to buffering, which ensures a stable and continuous viewing experience.


Local server footage interface

This is the interface to the local server that holds the live videos. It has a history of 7 days. So it is also possible to watch old video. 
The first recording in the list is probably the live video you are looking for. Choose the camera and a video-player will show the video.

You can watch this video live (with some small delay) but you can also slide the timeline back to watch the moments you want. 


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