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Livetagging Hockey

Updated on 16 Apr 2024

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In this video, we'll guide you through the process of livetagging a hockey match.

  • Device Recommendation: The best device for this task is a tablet, providing more space than a phone.
  • Livetagging Source: For this tutorial, we're using a video demonstration, but in real scenarios, you'd be watching a live match.
  • Match Day Livetagging: Once you've set up a match, you can livetag it on the actual day.
  • Accessing the Livetagger: Simply click on the tag icon to open the livetagger. There are two livetag panels for hockey - the left one is simpler, with scores and highlights. For this guide, we're using the one labeled "hockey live".
  • Panel Features:
    • Possession buttons for the teams, with one indicating the team in possession.
    • A "Start" button on the left bottom – remember to hit "Start" when the referee starts the match.
    • Time management is at the top, allowing you to pause or change game time.
    • Always select 'end period' at the bottom when a half ends.

This video demonstrates the match between Oranje-Rood W1 and Tilburg W1. We'll showcase the basics of what to tag and when, and sometimes add an explanation. For instance:

  • "POSSESSION ORA" indicates that Oranje Rood has possession.
  • "BUILD-UP" signifies the buildup phase.
  • Events like "23 ENTRY", "CIRCLE ENTRY", and "SCORINGS OPPORTUNITY" are event tags.

After the match, once the video is uploaded to TeamTV, you can connect these tags to the video. This also populates a dashboard with statistics, allowing you to view all the stats with the video.

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