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Updated on 03 Oct 2023

Tags in sports video analysis and content creation refer to labels or markers that are assigned to specific moments or events within a video. These tags serve as a way to categorize, organize, and easily access specific information within the video footage. They provide a quick reference point for coaches, analysts, and athletes when reviewing and analyzing the video content. Tags can be customized based on the needs of the sport or the specific requirements of the analysis. There are several options for tagging/coding in sports video analysis, including:

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  • In some sports, standardized tags are available for specific actions, events, or situations, making the tagging process more streamlined.
  • Tagging requires attention to detail and consistency to ensure accurate and meaningful data analysis.
Quick Facts
  • Tags help in efficient video navigation, allowing users to jump to specific moments of interest.
  • They enable the creation of playlists and highlight reels showcasing key moments or specific skills.