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Updated on 21 Nov 2023

Livetagging is a process of collecting and organizing data during a live sports event. It involves tagging specific moments or actions in the game to gather relevant statistics and information. Livetagging allows broadcasters and analysts to provide real-time updates and insights to viewers. In the context of livestreaming with vMix software, livetagging is essential to showcase statistics during the livestream. The data for livetagging usually comes from dedicated 'datasources' designed for different sports.

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  • Livetagging can be done manually by individuals or automatically through advanced software systems.
  • The collected data from livetagging can be used for various purposes, including performance analysis, player evaluation, and audience engagement.
Quick Facts
  • Livetagging enables real-time data collection during sports events.
  • Livetagging provides up-to-date statistics to enhance the viewing experience.