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How to use TeamTV automatic camera with manual tagging

Updated on 18 Dec 2023


Welcome to the guide on how to harness the new features of TeamTV's Automatic Camera! With the inclusion of manual Tagging as an extra data source, your camera system just got a lot smarter. This guide aims to walk you through the steps, tips, and best practices to make the most out of it.


  • Access to TeamTV's Automatic Camera System (PTZ only).
  • Basic understanding of the TeamTV platform.

Getting Started

Our automatic cameras are power with AI, this means the bal and players are recognized in the video and the camera is being forwarded to the right actions. One TeamTV automatic system has only static cameras and one has a PTZ camera that is being controlled by this AI recognition.

Detailed Steps

  1. Manual Tagging Integration: Manual Tagging now serves as an extra data source for the camera system. This means your Tagging helps controlling the camera viewing the match or training.
  2. When creating a new match, look for the option 'use Tagging data to position camera'. Check this option to enable Tagging for the camera system.
  3. During a match, when a Penalty Corner Given situation arises, a popup will appear with options Left and Right. By clicking on one of these options, the camera will automatically move to the preset angle capturing the side you've chosen.
  4. For any subsequent events other than Penalty Corner, control is reverted back to the AI, ensuring seamless automated capturing.


Advanced Tips/Settings

Always ensure the manual Tagging feature is used judiciously. Over-tagging can make the system less efficient.


If you face issues with the camera not moving to the desired preset, ensure that the manual Tagging option was selected during match creation. Restarting the system can also help resolve minor glitches.

Best Practices

While the AI is efficient, manual Tagging can be used in crucial moments to ensure the best footage. However, rely on the AI for general footage to ensure smooth operation.

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