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Effortless automated livestreaming 🏑

Last month, EHTV+ joined forces with SV Arminen and installed its first indoor hockey system. We at TeamTV are the supplier of the software for this project and are proud to
Product features

Quickly create highlightvideos for your club

Create highlightvideos after your match and quickly create a highlight reel of the key moments of your game. How to use Log in through the TeamTV environment and select
Case Study

Remco Winter (LDODK) on using automatic camera for korfball

Read our interview with Remco Winter below

Product features

Effective improvement during training with instant video feedback using TeamTV's camera system.

Give instant and effective feedback to players during your training, If you have TeamTV automatic camera you can now log in to TeamTV autocam and replay any moment from the
Product features

The Impact of Video Analysis in Sports

In the world of sports, video analysis has become an essential tool for coaches and analysts. Improve performance by providing detailed insights into technique and tactics