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Effortless automated livestreaming 🏑

18 Feb 2024

Last month, EHTV+ joined forces with SV Arminen and installed its first indoor hockey system. We at TeamTV are the supplier of the software for this project and are proud to announce that our automated live stream of the indoor field hockey event was a hit!

Event Highlights
- No volunteers needed for livestreaming.
- Seamless TeamTV integration.
- Global access to the indoor tournament footage.

The Rohrmax Cup was a milestone, made possible by SV Arminen's trust and cooperation. We're thankful for this partnership and excited for future collaborations.

Our technology isn't limited to indoor hockey; it extends to field hockey, basketball, korfball, and soccer as well. TeamTV enhances the viewing experience, indoors or outdoors.

Enhance your club's viewing expeience? 
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