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Quickly create highlightvideos for your club

Product features
06 Feb 2024

Create highlightvideos after your match and quickly create a highlight reel of the key moments of your game.


How to use

Log in through the TeamTV environment and select Highlights from the menu.
Create your new highlight video and add clips from your match.

Use the highlights editor to add wipes, transitions and slow-mo replays of your goals.





When you are satisfied you can render your video.

You can render videos in the following formats:

  • 1:1 Square (Facebook/Instagram)
  • 4:5 Square (Instagram)
  • 2:3 Vertical (Facebook)
  • 9:16 Vertical (Instagram)
  • 16:9 Standard (Youtube)


Upload to your favorite platforms

When rendering is done download your video files in the selected aspect ratios. You can then quickly publish the video's to your favorite platforms.

Highlights published to youtube southgate hc



Highlights for your club?

Elevate your club experience by using TeamTV Highlights. 
Interested in the benefits or costs for your club? Need custom integrations?

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