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Using presentation mode in your team meeting

Updated on 18 Dec 2023



In a Team meeting you want to show your videos on a big screen in fullscreen mode.
The Presentation Mode is created to use the video-player in fullscreen mode.


  • An TeamTV account
  • Minimal a Pro License (the basic and free licenses have no presentation mode)
Presentation mode in video player

On the right you can see the Presentation Mode buttons

Getting started

In all video players (play, tagging, data studio, playlists, dashboards) you are able to play in fullscreen and activate the presentation mode.

  1. Go to play a match
  2. Click below the video (bottom-right) on the Presentation Mode icon
  3. Test the buttons half-way your player on the right to see what presention mode can do for you

Zoom in-out

Especially if you have our 4K Video automatic camera or a Pro License (higher resolution video) you can zoom in on the video. If quality of the video is high zooming-in still gives good looking video

Next/Previous clip

Goto next clip without leaving the fullscreen mode. To replay a clip use the previous button

Set the speed

You can set the speed directly with one clip/touch to better see whats going on


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