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How to participate in video exchange on TeamTV

Updated on 18 Dec 2023



If you have a TeamTV account, you can participate in the Video Exchange if a Video Exchange has been set up for your sport and leaque. Only coaches can sign up for the exchange; players cannot.


  • TeamTV account
  • A leaque created in TeamTV with the teams and matches

Getting Started

Step 1: Log in to TeamTV as a Coach and open the menu. There, select 'Exchange'.

Detailed Steps

An overview of your exchange leaques of the past and current is shown in time order from new to old. Here you can see if you are in an exchange at this moment.
If not proceed:

Step 2: Click on the button "Sign up for a new exchange leaque".

A modal will emerge and you can request an exchange.

Exchange request


  1. First choose the leaque you want to be part of to exchange videos
  2. Select how you want to participate (Team:  if you are a Team you have to choose this, here you have to Upload you home matches, Referee: if you are a referee you can choose this, Spectator:  this is used if you are in a special match or leaque for graduation or relegation and you want to see a team).
  3. Select who you are in this Poule (if you have choosen 'Team')
  4. Click the 'Agree to share' checkbox to confirm that you will follow the rules for exchanging video.
  5. Submit the form

If your leaque is not available send us a mail on [email protected].
The above sends a request to TeamTV which we have to approve if all is well.

We will approve request if:

  • You are a Team that is playing in this leaque
  • The union of referees has done a request for a referee to be able to watch matches
  • You do a request to be spectator in another leaque because of graduation or relegation matches and your Team has participated in an echange and has uploaded its videos. We want to give other teams the possibility also to watch your games too.

Common mistakes followed by deniel of the request:

  • Request from a wrong team. Southgate W2 requesting exchange for Southgate W1.
  • Request for a wrong Team in the leaque.  Southgate W1 choosing a different Team in the leaque.
  • Be a spectator in some class where you don't have rights

Sharing content for development:

TeamTV can, at the request of the organizing sports association, make footage from the exchange available for referee training/updating purposes. Several individuals from the sports association will have access to the footage and can select match moments they would like to share with the referees. Before the footage is shared with the referees, approval will be sought from the club. A club is free to withhold approval, after which the footage will not be shared any further.



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