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Video Exchange

Updated on 03 Oct 2023

Video Exchange refers to the feature on TeamTV that allows users to share and exchange videos within their sports and league. It enables coaches to participate in video sharing for their sport and pool, provided a video exchange has been set up for their specific sport and pool. Players, on the other hand, are not able to sign up for video exchange, as it is limited to coaches only. To access the video exchange feature, users need to log in to their TeamTV account in the correct team and navigate to the menu by clicking on 'Open Menu.' From there, they can choose 'Video Exchange' to access the video exchange page. Users can then sign up for a new video exchange pool by clicking on 'Sign Up for New Exchange Pool' on the following page.

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  • Video exchange requests are reviewed and approved or rejected by the team
  • An email notification is sent in case of rejection
Quick Facts
  • Allows coaches to participate in video sharing
  • Players cannot sign up for video exchange
  • Accessible through the menu on TeamTV
  • Users can sign up for new video exchange pools