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Automatic camera korfball
Automatic camera korfball

Automatic camera korfball

Save time and money, with TeamTV automatically recording all korfball matches and training sessions, for top-, recreational- and youth teams.
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Automatic camera korfball

Everything you need to know

Automatic camera korfball

By using the power of Artificial Intelligence, our automatic camera system makes sure that all your matches are recorded without the need of any manual operation.

  • All korfball matches recorded
  • No cameraman needed
  • 4K video quality
  • All matches automatically shown in TeamTV
  • For indoor and outdoor

More about the product

Our automatic camera for korfball is much more than a manually operated camera. Thanks to the use of our AI technology, the camera broadcasts the part of the field where the korfball action is happening, in a smart way. Our solution consists of four layers of technology:

  • Sensors and data. The camera system for korfball starts with one or multiple stationary cameras, so that the entire playing field is captured. The system uses these stationary cameras to feed our AI layer
  • Artificial Intelligence. Our AI technology determine where the korfball players, the ball or other important data points are located on the field. It converts those data points to a decision where to focus the camera(s) on.
  • Camera management. The AI layer instructs or 4K cameras to record the korfball match from one or multiple angles, ensuring top-quality dynamic recording. In a smooth and professional way.
  • Presentation-options. The videos recorded with the automatic camera(s) are live-streamed to your community, with scores, match time and other statistics added. There is also plenty of room for adding sponsor logos and advertisements.
Automatic camera korfballAutomatic camera korfball

Product features

AI driven camera control
AI driven camera control
AI driven camera control
Ball detection AI
Ball detection AI
Ball detection AI
Player detection AI
Player detection AI
Player detection AI

How it works

Schedule a call

First step is to schedule a call with one of our automatic camera experts. During the call our expert will check if your location is suitable for an automatic camera system, and which automatic camera configuration best suits your wishes.

Test connectivity

Livestreaming requires a high quality internet connection. Our experts will help you to assess whether your current connection is sufficient for the automatic camera configuration you want. If not, you will be assisted in hiring a contractor to improve your connectivity.

Accept offer

When the speed of your internet connection is sufficient, and our experts know what automatic camera configuration best suits your wishes, we'll send you a quote with a breakdown of the required budget, timelines and terms. After accepting the quote, the work can start.

Install cameras

Together with our infrastructure partners, we'll make sure the needed infrastructure is installed in a proper way at your location. Once the infrastructure and cameras are installed, our team will configure the cameras and test the software on a couple of test matches to make sure our algorithms work for your location. If not, we'll make the required adjustments to make it work for your location.

Start streaming

Now all the hard work is done, finally it's time to schedule the matches, and start streaming to your fans and teams. All recorded matches can be analyzed by staff members and players, and your content team can start generating and sharing highlight videos to your community. Let's rock!

What it looks like

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