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Privacy agreement

Article 1 Introduction

In this Privacy Policy we explain how we handle (your) personal data. TeamTV, just like its own services, sets the highest standards for the processing of the personal data of its customers and other persons whose personal data are processed. TeamTV only processes personal data insofar as you have explicitly given permission for this, or when this is necessary for the execution of the agreement between you and TeamTV or when TeamTV has a legitimate interest for the processing on the basis of the law.

The processing of personal data by TeamTV is limited to an absolute minimum. TeamTV will never provide your personal data to third parties on its own initiative, except in the cases described in this Privacy statement.

Do you have any questions regarding reading this Privacy statement? Or do you want to know which personal data TeamTV has about you, or do you want to have it removed or transferred? Please send your request to: [email protected].

Article 2 Definitions

TeamTV: the private company with limited liability “Permuta B.V.”, located at Brederostraat 10 in (6824 PA) in Arnhem (Chamber of Commerce: 852583941) acts as the responsible party for the implementation of this policy and as the controller of the Personal Data.

Personal data: any information that can be traced back to a person.

Privacy statement: TeamTV’s policy regarding the processing of Personal Data as described in this document.

Website: the TeamTV websites:

Article 3 Data processing

  1. TeamTV processes Personal Data supplied by you, or because TeamTV obtains it from third parties in the context of its services (or one of our other processing purposes). This includes the following Personal Data:
  2. Contact information: name, e-mail address, telephone number and address details;
  3. Payment details: name and account number.
  4. Digital data: IP address, location, WIFI network, which are provided by your device or web browser when you visit the Website.
  5. You are not obliged to provide this information to us. In some cases, however, it is necessary that you provide certain Personal Data to enable us to provide the Services you have requested.

Article 4 Use

  1. The Personal Data received by TeamTV is (exclusively) used:
  2. to perform the agreement between you and TeamTV;
  3. to execute a payment transaction;
  4. to keep you informed of TeamTV’s offer by sending a (news) letter;
  5. to contact you if you have approached us with a question or request;
  6. to comply with legal obligations, such as the obligation to keep proper administration (invoicing).
  7. The Personal Data will not be stored longer than (i) is necessary for the execution of the agreement or (ii) as long as TeamTV is obliged by law or the secondary legislation resulting therefrom to keep the Personal Data. After that, your Personal Data will be deleted. TeamTV has set the following terms:
  8. Personal data provided by you for the implementation of the agreement 24 months after receipt of the Personal data;
  9. Personal data provided by you for the legal obligation to keep records (7 years);
  10. Personal data provided by you for a question or request: within one year after your question has been answered or your request has been fulfilled;
  11. Personal data provided by you through your device by visiting the Website: within one year of receipt;
  12. Personal data provided for the purpose of an application: within 14 days of the end of the application process.

Article 5 Provision of personal data to third parties

  1. TeamTV will never provide your Personal Data to third parties, other than in the event that this is necessary for the performance of the agreement with you regarding the provision of the Services. This includes Personal Data that are necessary to purchase services or products from third parties on your behalf, or the necessary use of third party systems and software for the provision of Services.
  2. This information is (exclusively) provided to the third party that assists TeamTV in the execution of the Service or provides support services for the execution of the Service. These Personal Data may only be used by this third party for the benefit of the TeamTV Service. TeamTV records the agreements it makes with these third parties with regard to the Personal Data.

Article 6 Cookies

  1. Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. We cannot always identify you directly on the basis of cookies.
  2. Some cookies require permission. We will ask you for this by means of a pop-up window. You can withdraw your consent at any time. In our case, these are exclusively analytical cookies (Google). We use this information to compile reports, test and improve the website by monitoring the use of our Website. These cookies collect information, for example about the number of visits per page, the duration of the visit and how often a certain link is clicked.

Article 7 External references

  1. The Website contains references to other websites. If you click on these links, you will leave our Website and we will no longer have control over the Personal Data collected from you. We therefore advise you to view the privacy policies of these organizations.
  2. The Website includes buttons to promote or share pages on social networks. By clicking this button you will be redirected to the social network, where they will place a cookie. You are advised to view the privacy statement of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Article 8 Your rights

  1. With regard to your personal data, you have the right:
  2. to request your Personal Data from TeamTV;
  3. supplement or change your Personal Data if the Personal Data is incorrect or incomplete;
  4. make a request to delete your Personal Data; and
  5. make a request to transfer your Personal Data to a third party, by sending your request to: [email protected].
  6. TeamTV will respond to your request within fourteen (14) days.
  7. TeamTV cannot delete the data if TeamTV is obliged by law to keep the data of which the Personal Data form part. This applies (among other things) with regard to TeamTV’s accounting obligation.

Article 9 Security

  1. TeamTV takes both technical and organizational measures to protect the Customer’s Personal Data against loss, manipulation, unauthorized access, etc.
  2. If there is a possible leak of Personal Data, such as when there is hacking and / or theft, TeamTV will immediately report this to the authorities and to the relevant person concerned.

Article 10 Amendments to the Privacy statement

TeamTV reserves all rights to (unilaterally) change or update this Privacy Statement, as TeamTV deems appropriate or necessary in connection with changes in relevant law, regulation or business needs, or to meet the needs of our customers.

Updated versions are published on the Website and provided with a publication date, so that you can always see when the Privacy statement was last updated. We therefore advise you to view the Privacy statement from time to time.

Version: August 7, 2020