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Automatic camera for Soccer

Save time and money, with TeamTV automatically recording all matches and training sessions for Soccer, for top-, recreational- and youth Soccer teams.

Capture every moment

Whether you’re a top-tier Soccer team, a recreational Soccer group, or a youth Soccer squad, TeamTV’s Automatic Camera for Soccer is designed to effortlessly capture every moment of your matches and training sessions. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual operation and ensure you never miss a critical play again.

Benefits of Automatic camera for Soccer

  • Easy access to game footage for SoccerPlayers and coaches have easy access to recorded footage for Soccer analysis, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently on improving skills and tactics.
  • High-quality image quality for SoccerThe 4K video resolution and the ability to zoom in provide clear and detailed images, making even the smallest details visible. This is essential for thorough game analysis.
  • Multiple camera angles for SoccerWith the ability to record from various angles, teams get a more complete view of the game, leading to better insights and analysis.
  • Flexible and modular solution for SoccerThe modular nature of the system means that it can be adapted to the specific needs and circumstances of each team, providing a tailored solution.

Product features

AI-driven camera control
Dynamic scoreboard overlay
Instant live replay
Match scheduler
Multi-cam view
Training scheduler

Why choose Automatic camera for Soccer of TeamTV

  • AI-driven operation

    Our automatic camera system is powered by Artificial Intelligence, ensuring smart and professional tracking of the game.

  • 10+ years of experience

    With 10+ years of experience in the sports technology field, TeamTV is a trusted and knowledgeable leader.

  • Modular System

    Our solution is modular, allowing for customization and scalability to meet the specific needs of different teams and facilities (for example we support multiple camera positions).

  • Comprehensive Support

    TeamTV provides extensive customer support, assisting users from installation to ongoing use, ensuring they get the most out of our platform.

  • High-quality video

    Users can expect crystal-clear 4K video quality, ensuring that no detail is missed during analysis.

What others say about Automatic camera for Soccer

Remco Winter

We use TeamTV to improve our referee team and educational courses. The referees are already getting pro-active now, sending us clips for us to review. Support is great.

More about the product

Our automatic camera is much more than a stationary camera. Thanks to the use of our AI technology, the camera follows the action in a professional, smart way.

Check out our demo

All club matches and training sessions live-streamed or recorded. Automatically. Live-streaming, highlights, video-analysis. Better teams. High-quality content for your fans. Attract more sponsors.

Remote video URL

Use Automatic camera for Soccer with

Camera Basic

Camera Basic



  • All Basic features
  • HD video quality
  • Digital zoom

Camera Pro

Camera Pro



  • All Pro features
  • 4K video quality
  • Multi-cam view

Camera Elite

Camera Elite



  • All Pro features
  • 4K video quality
  • 100 additional matches