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Internet Connection

Updated on 03 Oct 2023

An internet connection refers to the means by which electronic devices connect to the internet, allowing users to access online services, websites, and other digital content. In the context of a sports facility, having a stable and high-speed internet connection is crucial for livestreaming sports events or transferring video footage.

There are two main types of internet connections commonly used for livestreaming:

  • 1. Wired Connection: A wired internet connection, also known as a fixed connection, involves using an Ethernet cable to connect devices directly to a modem or router. This type of connection provides reliable and consistent bandwidth, making it ideal for livestreaming sports events.
  • 2. Mobile Connection: In situations where a wired connection is not available, a mobile connection can be used. This involves using 4G or 5G mobile networks to transmit data. It can be achieved by using a network device with a SIM card, such as a portable router, or by directly using a smartphone's 4G or 5G connectivity.

When choosing an internet connection for livestreaming, it is important to ensure the stability and speed of the connection. To determine the suitability of a connection, it is recommended to test its speed using online tools like This is especially important on days when the internet connection may be heavily used by others at the location, such as during sports events.

For minimum requirements for livestreaming, refer to this article.

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  • Having a stable internet connection is essential for seamless livestreaming of sports events.
  • The popularity of livestreaming has increased significantly in recent years, with many sports organizations embracing the technology.
  • Some sports facilities have dedicated internet connections specifically for livestreaming purposes.
Quick Facts
  • There are two main types of internet connections: wired and mobile.
  • Wired connections provide more reliable and consistent bandwidth.
  • Mobile connections use 4G or 5G networks and are a good alternative when wired connections are not available.
  • To ensure a good livestreaming experience, it is important to test the speed of the internet connection.