Improve your game with useful data and video analysis for football.

Develop players faster with TeamTV’s online solution for football video analysis, live stats, video exchange and more. From €13,27/month.

    Do you want to improve your team's football game, but do you recognize the following points?

    • Don’t you use data/video to improve your game?
    • Don’t you know how to handle this?
    • Does it take you a lot of effort to show your players what you mean?
    • Would you like to be able to analyse football matches in a simple way?
    • Can’t you work with complex (video) software?
    • Doesn’t this help your team make the most of this?

    Become a better team with video analysis for football.

    🗨 Feedback by video and stats

    By viewing the right video clips and statistics, players reflect and learn. They quickly find the most important match moments, and can start a conversation with your team members.

    📲 Share videos in your league

    By sharing videos (and statistics) of your matches with teams in your league, you also get access to their videos. This allows all teams to improve their game, and the game level of the league as a whole goes up.

    📊 Live match stats

    Watch live match stats via live football dashboards. You can see at a glance how efficient your own team and your opponent are, so you can turn the match to your hand. Metrics at team level and for individual players. Action, reaction.

    📹 Live tagging and video tagging

    With tagging/coding for football you register live or after the game what happens in the match. You then use this data to watch statistics and match videos. Measuring is knowing.

    Collaborate better with video analysis for football.

    Features of video analysis for football


    Unlimited number of tags

    Infinite possibilities with your own tags

    Unlimited number of users

    For all trainers, players, parents and fans

    Unlimited number of teams

    As many teams as you want

    Video moments

    Videos with your stats

    Virtual clips

    TeamTV generates a additional clips based on your tags

    Smart tags

    Tagging through smart logic between buttons


    International; more than 10 languages

    Out-of-the-box tags

    10+ commonly used tags to get you started quickly

    Personal videos

    Assign clips to individual players

    For all devices

    Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, everything works

    XML Import

    Tag/code in another program, share with TeamTV


    Expandable, with extensive documentation

    Data backups

    Automatic data backups in TeamTV Cloud

    Cloud based

    Keep your laptop clean and fast with the TeamTV Cloud

    Personal videos

    All your data secured with encryption

    Phone support

    Phone support on working days

    In-app explanations

    Get started within 5 minutes

    In-app chat

    Live chat with our customer service, 24×7

    Try a month for free

    Try TeamTV video analysis together with your team 30 days for free. No credit card required.