Live streaming for league and right holders

Do you want to build a larger fan base for your league? Will fans be able to follow matches live, via YouTube or via your OTT platform? This is possible with the professional live streaming solution of TeamTV. Our application makes streaming in the cloud easy and more entertaining. We add live data, such as time, score and statistics.

Products part of this solution

The benefits

  • A growing fan base that supports the sport.
  • Plenty of opportunities for advertisment and sponsorship.
  • High entertainment value for viewers.
  • An unlimited number of users.
  • The match images can be used for video analysis.
Live streaming for league and right holders
TeamTV products that are included in this use case
Live streaming

Live streaming

Build a stronger fan community by live streaming your sport matches. A great way to help your sport grow and develop. Besides it enables clubs to attract more sponsors.

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