Embedded video analysis

The demand for an all-in-one solution including video analysis is high. Building your own video analysis tool costs a lot of time and money and also involves financial risks. Especially if video analysis is not part of your core business. TeamTV already has a ready-to-use video analysis solution available, which has proven itself at a large number of top sports clubs. We can effortlessly embed video analysis on your platform, so that the customer has access to all video images and data in one place. Your platform.

Products part of this solution

The benefits

  • Embedded upload. Sports clubs can upload their own images on your platform. We provide compression, storage and backups.
  • Embedded clipping. You determine the data structure and let customers clip their videos to your platform, on any device.
  • Embedded viewing. Your customers can view their video images via the view embedded script. They can play the clips in chronological order or by playlists.
  • Embedded dashboard. We can embed a custom designed dashboard on your platform. Naturally responsive, so it can be used on any device.
  • Deep linking: We can link video clips to all elements in your dashboard or statistics report.

Embedded video analysis
TeamTV products that are included in this use case
Embedded video analysis

Embedded video analysis

Embed our video analytics solution in your sport platform and supercharge your platform with video. This gives clubs access to all the information they need to get the most out of their teams in one place: your platform.

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