Automatic camera for sport platforms

Broadcasting matches is key for every rights holder. With good image quality recordings, you can live stream matches for fans, do video analysis and develop engaging marketing activities. Hiring a camera crew is very expensive and filming yourself does not always deliver the desired quality. TeamTV’s solution: an automatic camera system, developed in collaboration with top sports clubs.

Products part of this solution

The benefits

  • High-quality recordings of your competition, without the use of volunteers or expensive camera crew.
  • Automatic camera control via AI.
  • Razor-sharp footage thanks to 4K optical zoom.
  • Automated graphics in live streams with scores and time, which increases the attractiveness of the live stream.
  • TeamTV automatically generates match summaries with advertising opportunities for sponsors.
Automatic camera for sport platforms
TeamTV products that are included in this use case
Automatic camera

Automatic camera

Save time and money, with TeamTV automatically recording all matches and training sessions, for top-, recreational- and youth teams.

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