Innovative solutions for sports clubs: better teams, engaged fans and more income

Technology can help a sports club progress. Technology supports improving team performance, creating engaged fans and generating more club income. TeamTV provides innovative solutions for sports clubs, including tools for live streaming and video analysis. No technical knowledge is required: with our platform you can get started right away. We developed our solutions together with top sports clubs.

Solutions for sports clubs

🎥 Automatic camera system

Filming matches can make a big contribution to the development of your club. For example, you can stream matches live for fans, coaches can use it for video analysis and it offers lucrative advertising opportunities. Hiring a camera crew is very expensive and filming yourself does not always deliver the desired quality. TeamTV’s solution: an automatic camera system, developed in collaboration with clubs.

What are the benefits?

  • High-quality recordings of your competition, without the use of volunteers or expensive camera crew.
  • Automatic camera control via AI.
  • Razor-sharp footage thanks to 4K optical zoom.
  • Automated graphics in live streams with scores and time, which increases the attractiveness of the live stream.
  • TeamTV automatically generates match summaries with advertising opportunities for sponsors.

⏩ Video-analysis

For coaches who want to improve the performance of their team and players, video analysis is an ideal tool. Video analysis can be complex and cumbersome if the data quality of the videos is poor and videos take a long time to become accessible. TeamTV’s video analysis tool makes it easy to instantly analyze match footage, track key game moments, and collect statistics.

What are the benefits?

  • The video of the match will be live streamed to our platform, or you can upload it afterwards. All videos are therefore directly after the match accessible to everyone.
  • Tagging key game moments makes it easy to instantly select game moments and provide feedback for teams and players.
  • Uniform platform for the entire league: images are accessible to everyone.
  • Simple workflow for teams.


    📱 Live streaming sports matches

    Does your sports federation want to build a larger fan base for its sport? Will fans be able to follow matches live, via YouTube or via the sports federations website? This is possible with the professional live streaming solution of TeamTV. Our application makes streaming in the cloud easy and adds entertainment value. We add live data, such as time, score and statistics.

    What are the benefits?

    • A growing fan base that supports the sport.
    • Plenty of opportunities for advertisment and sponsorship.
    • High entertainment value for viewers.
    • An unlimited number of users.
    • The match images can be used for video analysis.


      Why work with TeamTV?

      • One platform for live streaming of matches, video analysis, sharing videos and data and creating summaries.
      • Solutions developed in collaboration with top sports clubs and sports associations.
      • No technical knowledge required to use our system.
      • Our platform is in the cloud and is accessible to everyone. It is an open ecosystem where clubs can place their own applications.

      🎬 Highlight videos

      It is great for sports fans to watch a nice highlight video after a match and to see all the highlights again. With the TeamTV tool you can put together a beautiful highlight video in a few minutes, without the need for technical knowledge. An ideal promotional tool to attract even more fans to your sport.

      What are the benefits?

      • Tool to easily create PR and marketing videos.
      • You post the summary on social media channels and websites soon after the match.
      • Link with video analysis tool on the same platform.
      • Plenty of options to add advertising and sponsor logos.

      🔗 Exchange video and stats

      To ensure that teams can properly prepare for the next opponent, it is important that they can share match images within a group. Teams share their images and basic statistics on the same platform, which makes all information accessible to everyone.

      What are the benefits?

      • The competition is getting stronger, because teams come onto the field better prepared.
      • Our software saves time because data and images can be shared quickly and easily.