Improve your game with useful data and video analysis for tennis.

Develop players faster with TeamTV’s online solution for tennis video analysis, live stats, video exchange, and more. From €39,99,-/month.

    TeamTV video analysis: no technical knowledge required

    To analyze a match, you can of course record it and watch it in full. Unfortunately, that approach isn’t efficient: it takes too much time and you can’t easily find important game moments. If you want to analyze matches in a simple, fast way, the video analysis product from TeamTV is the solution. Our platform makes match analysis easy, you don’t need complex software and you can get started right away. Additional investment in knowledge or equipment is not necessary.


    TeamTV Video analysis is available from €39,99,-/month. Create an account and try our solution for free.

    How does TeamTV video analysis improve team performance?

    • Using images and statistics, you give players personal feedback, with the aim of improving the game.
    • You can view live match stats and change your tactics accordingly.
    • The clubs in the same match pool also share their videos on our platform, so that each team can prepare for the next opponent.
    • You can quickly create summaries and highlight reels on the basis of the match images. Good for the online promotion of the club and a great opportunity to grow the fan base.

    Video analysis: how does it work?

    • While watching the match (live or afterwards), a volunteer tags all match moments, such as shots on target, loss of possession, goals and penalties. This is done online, on our platform. TeamTV has compiled a list of tags in collaboration with specialists from the sport, but you can also assign your own tags.
    • The analysis of the video images also takes place on our platform. You simply select the tag from which you want to see the images. For example, all goals are played one after the other at the touch of a button. You use these images to give the team and players feedback and to make improvements.
    • Tagging generates statistics such as number of shots on target. The corresponding images are linked to this data. Team-level and player-level stats are available. The match statistics can also be viewed during the match via live dashboards. You immediately see how efficient your team is, so that you can adjust your tactics.
      Based on the tags, TeamTV automatically generates a collection of clips with the most important match moments. Fun for the players and the fans. A chat function makes it possible to react directly to images.
    • You can use the tags to create summaries and highlight videos.

    Want to get started with video analysis right away? Sign up immediately and try our solution  30 days for free.

    Video exchange in the match pool

    Video analysis is ideal for improving your own team’s performance, as well as preparing for the next opponent. Within a match pool, teams can upload their videos and statistics so that each team can access them. That makes it easy to analyze the images of the competition and adjust your game accordingly.


    Video analysis of TeamTV: easy and effective

    • No technical expertise required: anyone can get started right away.
    • No additional investments required in software or equipment.
    • Make immediately visible to players where improvements are possible.
    • Match stats and player reports are readily available.
    • Exchange of videos in the competition pool.
    • Unlimited number of users.
    • Live tagging of matches is done entirely online.

    Using statistics live

    Are you tagging the match live? Then TeamTV can transfer the most important match statistics directly to the club channels. Think of keeping the score on the club’s website. Our platform is an open ecosystem and you can add your own applications to it. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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