Build a bigger fan base with live streaming of sport matches.

Want to build a bigger fan base for your sports club? Let fans watch matches anytime, anywhere? Professional live streaming of matches is the answer. Now more than ever, since an audience is often not allowed due to COVID-19-restrictions. TeamTV’s live streaming app makes live streaming in the cloud easy. And entertaining, because we add context like playing time and scores. No technical knowledge? Not necessary. Live streaming is simple with TeamTV’s platform.

    Why live streaming of sport matches?

    Providing live streaming of sport matches gives you the opportunity to build a strong fan community, for fans who want to watch matches anytime and on any device. A great way to help your sport grow and develop. Live streaming also makes sponsoring and advertising possible, so matches can generate more ad revenue for your sport club.

    TeamTV Live Streaming is available from €79,99,-,-/month. Register now and try out our solution for free.

    Live streaming sport matches: revolutionary simple and endlessly entertaining

    A live stream without data is, frankly, quite boring. As a fan, you want to know exactly what’s going on: scores and playing time are important data which add a lot of entertainment value. TeamTV is the only provider that adds those data in the live stream, with beautiful overlays for a professional appearance. You don’t need any technical knowledge. Just live tag the score on our platform, we do the rest.

    Since our platform is an open ecosystem, you can also add different statistics yourself, like tracking data of players. There are lots of opportunities to enhance the viewing experience. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


    Professional live streaming including graphics like score and time: more entertaining.

    Live streaming with TeamTV: this is why

    • Limited technical expertise necessary.
    • More entertaining because score, time and stats are added.
    • Only two volunteers needed during the game.
    • Broadcoast multiple streams at the same time.
    • Send the stream to an unlimited number of channels.
    • Re-use the live stream for video analysis.

    Live streaming sport matches with TeamTV: this is how it works

    Do you want live streaming with high entertainment value, but don’t know how to set it up? TeamTV makes it easy. With our tools, you don’t need technical expertise. This is how it works:

    1. Log in here. You can try TeamTV for free for a month. We provide you with an account and license you to access our platform, via
    2. You set up a camera near the pitch. Even a smartphone can be sufficient.
    3. You send a RTMP stream to our platform. TeamTV automatically adds the score and time to your stream. We use data from your live tagging, so complex software like OBS or VMIX is no longer needed.
    4. After adding score and time, we send the stream to the channel of your choice.
    5. Live and on demand. The stream can be watched live on the channel where you broadcast it, and can be viewed on-demand within TeamTV immediately after the game. This way you can get started quickly with video analysis of the match.

    Want to try it out for free? Register here or contact us for more information.

    What do you need for live streaming?

    For live streaming you need just five things:

    • A camera or smartphone, or a professional camera system. We can help you with choosing a system.
    • A streaming device, so the video can be sent to the internet. This is only necessary if you use a camera instead of a smartphone.
    • An internet connection with a minimal upload speed of 5 Mbps.
    • A tablet/laptop/smartphone for live tagging. A volunteer has to keep track of the score via livetagging using the TeamTV video-analysis product, so we can add it to the stream.
    • Just two volunteers: for filming and for live tagging.

    Where do you broadcast your sport match?

    You can broadcast your live stream on different channels, like YouTube and Vimeo. For instance, TeamTV can start a live YouTube event on the TeamTV YouTube channel. You share the link on the club’s website or via WhatsApp and every fan can watch the stream. It’s also possible to make your own live event and send it to the club’s YouTube channel.

    More than just the match: use live stream for video analysis and highlight videos

    Live streaming is not only great for your fan base. With the TeamTV platform you can use the taped match also directly after the game is played. Within a minute you can make a summary on our platform, to send out to the players. And the fans of course!

    Sharing video: for a fast and efficient workflow

    It’s also possible to use the stream for video analysis. For your own players, but also for competing teams. On our platform you can share the match video with teams in the same league. Every team uploads its own home matches and gets access to all the footage of other matches. Thanks to our platform the videos are available within fifteen minutes after the game ends. No volunteer needed to tape the game and upload the footage, our platform does the job without delays. A fast workflow is guaranteed.

    Try 5 hours of live streaming for free

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