Match highlights: extra entertainment for the fans.

It’s a party for all the fans: after a match, watch all the highlights. Making highlights can be a lot of work, but with the TeamTV tool you can put together a beautiful video in a few minutes. An ideal promotional tool to bind even more fans to your club.

    Highlight reels: small effort, great result

    A match does not end after the final whistle: the fun continues after that. With a summary of the match, for example, with all the highlights coming up again. A video with the most important game moments, most beautiful goals and best actions. Great for the fans, especially for those who couldn’t attend the match. With the TeamTV tool you can quickly create a summary yourself. A great way to relive the competition and an opportunity to add lucrative advertising opportunities.


    Prices: Video analysis and highlights of TeamTV live are available from €79,99,- per month. Sign up and try it for free.


    TeamTV highlights: easy and effective

    • No technical expertise required: anyone can get started right away.
    • No additional investments necessary in software or equipment.
    • A video with highlights is made in a few minutes.
    • Link to video analysis tool.
    • Effective tool for PR and marketing purposes.

    Creating highlights: how does it work?

    Our highlight tool is linked to our video analytics tool. While watching a match, a volunteer tags all important match moments, such as goals, attacks, loss of possession and penalties. On our platform you can select those tags and put all the video images one after the other. That works well for analyzing game situations and digesting the game, but it is also ideal for making a summary or highlight reel. That works like this:

    1. You select a template, such as ‘match’, ‘goals’ or ‘player’ and select the tags for the actions you want to add to the film.
    2. You indicate how long the highlight may last. Our tool puts the video images that belong to the selected tag in chronological order.
    3. You can delete individual clips, trim clips and record a voiceover.
    4. The position and time are automatically displayed to add context to the images.
    5. Add any club logos or sponsor advertisements.
    6. Satisfied? The video is ready for use at the touch of a button. Post it on social media, on the club website or play it in the cafeteria. Great for the extra sports experience!

    TeamTV is the only provider of a tool to create match summaries. Your video is ready within five minutes: quick and easy. Sign up and try our solution for free for 30 days.


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