Smart automatic camera guarantees top quality recordings.

An automatic camera is much more than a registration tool. TeamTV’s automatic camera delivers 4K quality images from various angles and features 30x optical zoom. Thanks to the use of AI technology (Artificial Intelligence), the most important game moment is always in view. With our camera you can record all training sessions and matches on the field, stream matches live and analyze the images extensively.

    Pushing boundaries: why an automatic camera?

    Many sports clubs register their matches by having a volunteer film them with a handheld camera or mobile phone. This is labour-intensive and all images are taken from the same angle. An automatic camera immediately solves these bottlenecks. This fixed camera system is attached to a pole, so that the entire field is filmed from above.


    Depending on the needs of the club, the camera can record everything that happens on the pitch. From youth training sessions to important matches in the premier league. For clubs, this is a scalable way to capture the game.


    This is how you use the camera images

    • The match can be streamed live in 4K quality. Ideal for the fans!
    • Images of training sessions and matches can be easily analysed.
    • The images offer plenty of space for advertisements, so that they can be monetized.
    • The camera can be used for security purposes.

    Real-time controlled for lightning-fast registration

    We control our camera in real time. This means that our camera optically zooms in on the important game moments during the game and not only afterwards.

    Better every day: camera becomes built-in cameraman

    TeamTV’s automatic camera is much more than a static camera that captures a match. Thanks to the use of AI technology, the camera films the game in a professional, smart way. TeamTV’s automatic camera is made up of four layers of technology:

    1. Sensors and data. The camera system consists of two fixed PTZ cameras, each covering half of the field. The system uses sensors to determine where the players are on the field.
    2. Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the deployment of AI, the camera can detect the players and the ball. This way the camera always knows where the most important game moment takes place.
    3. The cameras record 4K images from one to five angles, ensuring top-quality dynamic recording.
    4. Presentation-options. The images from the automatic camera can be broadcast during a live stream, complete with scores, playing time and other statistics. There is also plenty of room for adding sponsor logos and advertisements.

    Want to know more about live streaming? You can read more about it here.

    Complete solution for recording, streaming and analysis

    The automatic camera fits seamlessly with TeamTV’s other products, such as live streamingvideo analysis and highlights. Sports clubs using the automatic camera get instant access to all these products. Do you prefer to use your own tools, such as OBS and VMIX? We can send the feed from our automatic camera directly to your own control system.


    What does a sports club need?

    Does your sports club want to use an automatic camera? Then the following is needed:

    • Internet connection (minimum 10 mb/s). Thanks to our cooperation with the major providers, we can also use a 5G connection.
    • When live streaming: a volunteer who can tag the match moments live.

    The strength of TeamTV's automatic camera

    • Always 4K image quality thanks to 30x optical zoom.
    • Shoots from one to five angles, including real-time close-up images.
    • Thanks to AI technology, the right game moment is always in view.
    • Modular approach, scalable per club.
    • Direct link to live streaming, video analysis and summaries tools.
    • Plenty of monetization and sponsorship opportunities.

    Want to know more? Please contact us now for more information.