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1 GB is approximately 1 match
Next level video-analysis
A discount for loyal customers
Price per month (ex. VAT)$

What actually is a GB?

GB is short for Gigabytes. After you have uploaded a video, we will reduce the file for you (this is called video compression). In relation to your GB limit, we look at the number of video Gigabytes you have saved with TeamTV only after we have reduced it for you.

What if my club needs more Gigabytes over time?

If you require more data, then you can easily and swiftly increase your limit by sending an email to The limit will be altered within 24 hours and your club will be able to save more.

My club isn't using all the Gigabytes, can I downgrade?

A downgrade isn’t possible during the duration of the agreement, it is in the case of an extension. Our advice is to start out small and scale up when more teams start using it. This way you will never pay for more than what you need.

What if I need more than 300GB?

You can purchase a license with more than 300 GB. Contact us for a proposal.