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New feature: chat

Just because COVID-19 limits your sporting possibilities it does not mean that you have to stop learning. TeamTV introduces a new “chat” feature that your team can use to interactively discuss a videoclip of your played matches. In this way, you can still continue learning together during this challenging time. Moreover, reflecting is a crucial…

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Live Tagging for Handball

TeamTV announces the live tagging release for handball. Within this environment, a custom made live input module is now available. With this feature, TeamTV offers a complete package for handball sports to collect and analyze data. As a trainer, you can document and look back so excellent matches, and share learning moments with your players.…

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New feature: Interactive korfball dashboard with associated video clips

The interactive korfball dashboard provides an overview of your match statistics with linked video clips at box and player level at a glance. The interactive dashboard is also available for hockey and football. Do you want statistics for your team? Request a free demo via

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New feature: Playlist download

Increase the involvement of your fans, members and team members by downloading a video with, for example, all the goals you’ve tagged, and posting them on your website or social media. ????????????️????✅???? In the video player, you can now easily download a video from the playlist you’re currently watching. All fragments of that action (for…

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''Players don't recognize what I'm telling''

Long discussions at the expense of training time. You have to confront players with a match video, they’ll understand what you mean.