Increase your fan base with multi-platform live streaming in the cloud.

Increase your club’s fan base with the live streaming app. Give your supporters the opportunity to watch matches, anywhere, anytime, and on any device. TeamTV live streaming is available from €10.00/hour.

Do you want live streaming, but do you recognize the following points?

  • Don’t you have a livestreaming for your club?
  • Don’t you know how to handle this?
  • Don’t you have volunteers or expertise to serve a tool like OBS or VMIX?
  • Can’t add the match mode and playing time to your live stream?
  • Don’t you automatically get your livestream in your video analysis tool?
  • Do your matches go unnoticed for the general public and your fans at bay?

TeamTV live streaming is revolutionaryly simple.

📲 RTMP. Stream+overlay out.

You forward an RTMP stream, and the TeamTV Cloud automatically adds the mode and time to your stream. Data from your live tagging is used. No more complex software like OBS or VMIX.

▶️ Live and on-demand

The stream can be seen live at the location(s) where you stream, and can also be seen on-demand within TeamTV immediately after the game. This way you can get started quickly with the video analysis of the match.

🎛️ Multiple streams at once

You can live-stream multiple matches at once. As much as you want. You can start the streams in the TeamTV Cloud immediately, or schedule it so that they start automatically at a set time.

🤩 More entertainment with data

By using livetagging data in your live stream production, you increase the entertainment value. This increases your fan base and generates more sponsor/ad revenue.

It works that simple.

Features of Live Streaming from TeamTV

Simple setup

Your livestream is ready in 1 minute


Stream multiple matches at once


Stream multiple matches at once

Unlimited users

Anyone in your club can stream for the whole club

Beautiful overlays

Position, time, team colours and logos, all for a professional livestream

Live and on-demand

Looking back in TeamTV immediately after the game
5 hours free livestreaming

Try Live Stream 5 hours free

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